Food: Hungry Panda

So last night, J, me and the boys went out for dinner. We were planning to go to Kowloon in Don Antonio, but J wanted some rice too. While cruising along Don Antonio, we found Hungry Panda. The owner said they’ve been in operation for 3 months now, and yes, we met the owners who were all so friendly and very accommodating, he even took our order since it was kind of a busy night.


I forgot the name of this one, it’s very sulit, very yummy and as you can see, ang dami niya, ok?! It’s one of their best sellers!

Tho, the photos cannot justify how good it tastes! Everything plus two Yang Chao Fried rice (good for sharing) was about Php1,100+. Not bad, right? I think the boys went to a food coma after dinner. I was sooo full din, and really sleepy after. Hahaha!


Food: Hungry Panda

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