Travel: Badoc Island

Badoc Island is an uninhabited island found in Badoc, Ilocos Norte. It’s accessible by boat that can carry 5-6 people, for only Php700.

To be honest, I have no words to describe its beauty. It’s a breathe of fresh air since you get the beach to yourselves, there may be a group or two that’s visiting the island the same time as you are, but it’s a long stretch of beach, so there’s room for everyone.

I’m still at awe at how marvelous this beach is. We laid our stuff under a hut that I think some fishermen built for when they’re waiting for the tourists since what you paid for is to and fro the ‘mainland’. We were running to the beach, when my friend Sarah blurted out, “Who needs Boracay when we have this!”.

The guys had a couple of beer, shared it with the bangkeros and just really relaxed since it’s been a really long drive from Manila.

The boat that got us to the island. Check out the main land in the background!
The gang!

IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3238 IMG_3240 IMG_3265 IMG_3249 IMG_3273


  • It isn’t forbidden to bring food/drinks with you when you go to the island, just make sure to clean up after yourself.
  • Ask the bangkeros if the fishermen are in the area, they might hook you up with affordable and freshly caught fish and squid.
Travel: Badoc Island

20 thoughts on “Travel: Badoc Island

  1. Just this afternoon I was thinking of going to Ilocos, and then I happened across this article! šŸ™‚ Good timing, huh. This is the first time I heard of Badoc Island. Did you go during summer? It’s amazing that you have the beach almost exclusively to yourselves.


    1. Meant to be. And please visit Ilocos. There’s so much to see! This was summer 2015. We’d normally go to Ilocos for a week to *try* to surf, but we’d end up with so much adventure!


  2. inmyownatlas says:

    Here you are again Em, showing me the best islands of Luzon! The island vibe indeed is hard to resist. See you in Siargao? šŸ˜€


  3. theinnocentlamb says:

    Aaaaaaaaahhhh, incredibly beautiful place! Paradise in the North!! I’m sure you had a priceless time there! *teleports* :))


    1. Not to sure about snorkeling, what I’ve heard from the bankeros was the deeper part of the ocean is very much alive in terms of eco system, sharks included (not sure if they were just trying to scare us, lol).


  4. Wow, I didn’t know there is such an island in Ilocos until now. I think my friends and I just missed a great find when we went in Ilocos few years ago. The beach reminds me of Liw-Liwa beach in Zambales, both are uncrowded and beautiful.

    I’d love to go to Badoc myself.


  5. geeee. Didn’t know that this one existed. Had been to Ilocos twice but hadn’t heard about this. Maybe we’ll find time to visit this place sometime. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚


  6. charmaignenavaja says:

    I’ve been to Ilocos Norte but never did it came to my mind to go for an island hopping. Btw, your tan reminds me of how gala I was in April and I love it! ā¤


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