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Hi there! So we just got back from our week long surf trip/vacation in Baler, Aurora. We usually do this every year for my birthday, last year we went to Ilocos Norte where we stayed at my friend Markee’s place (Currimao) and in Kapuluan Vista Resort (Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud) you can read about it more here.

Everybody likes the summer… right? Well I used to love it when I was younger. Two and a half months of sleeping late, road trips with friends, visiting relatives with the family, fun under the sun and no classes! Now that I am working and started to surf, my perspective of the summer season shifted from fun under the sun,into bummed under the sun. There I said it! *evil laugh here* For those who are not familiar with the surf season here in the Philippines, summer time is usually the time of the year where the waves lay flat and rest for a bit .


Baler – Calm as a clam ^_^


This is true in most of the surf spots in Luzon (Zambales, Baler and LU) and it drives me insane! Not to mention the hordes of people you get to share the beach with and the exponentially  high chances of hitting a random swimmer while you get to enjoy that
1-1.5 ft set wave that you waited 45 minutes to come. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, I like that other people are enjoying the beauty that is Baler but sometimes it just gets ridiculously crowded with swimmers and tourists. I get it, the price to pay for tourism and progress.

“Truthfully I was starting to regret the whole trip.”

This is where I got to think about the tag line of Rip Curl which is “Live the Search” it basically means that every person who surfs, long to discover or experience a spot where they can enjoy the waves with some mates and live the life of adventure, after all Baler is 328 km of pure coast, there is bound to be some ride-able waves somewhere. So I asked our local friends for any spots that might produce some waves during this season and some said that they tried finding a spot but to no avail, this actually bummed me out more and it’s already the 2nd day of our trip (Tuesday). I rarely check the surf forecast because I figured I couldn’t change the waves God gave us for our trips, but that night I figured I needed a miracle. I checked MSW ( and just like an answered prayer, Thursday-Sunday showed the waves were going to be 2.5-4 ft.

“Like an answered prayer, the waves were going to be 2.5-4 ft.”

I told our surfer friends about the forecast and all of them were psyched with the news, so we got together and brainstormed about where we can take advantage of the incoming swell. Some decided that they would go to Dalugan, Aurora (3-4 hr drive from Baler, a virgin-ish surf spot with quality waves and pristine beaches. You can read more about it from my mate’s blog here)  and asked if we wanted to come since they were going with a friend anyways, unfortunately we had to decline since it was too great of a gamble to go “all in” on a trip that would require much of our time and resources, also Maria wouldn’t survive camping out without the luxury of a working bathroom. *insert evil emoji here*



On the fourth day of our trip (Thursday), Maria and I woke up early and checked if the waves were at least ride-able, to our disappointment there was barely a swell that we can work with. With hearts growing weary we sat down and watched some tourists swim and take surf lessons, catching their first waves (this got me stoked since I can see the same joy in their eyes that got me hooked into surfing). After 30 minutes of watching the waves, Neil told us that there was a spot called Villa Belen and that we should check it out since he thinks the tide and swell are enough to make that break work. I agreed since it was our only chance in getting decent waves,so we packed out things and mounted the car with our boards and drove to the spot.


Neil – All hyped up and ready to go.


It was a 15 min drive to Villa Belen and honestly I felt we weren’t going to see any waves on that spot, but to our surprise and excitement the waves were great, 3-4 ft set waves and the intervals were short, best of all we were the only ones there! I was so psyched and fell in love with the place, imagine unadulterated beachfront with only a small shanty made out of wood and dried coconut leaves.

We immediately grabbed our boards and paddled out to the lineup, Neil grabbed a fast one and sprayed us with water as we get to the lineup. We literally surfed for hours till my arms felt like jelly from all the paddling, before getting my last wave for the session I took a moment to enjoy the view and take a mental photograph of the picturesque scenery that God let us discover that day.

Nose ridein’ like a villain
Tired AF


The following morning we woke up early and packed our things again since this time the locals planned to go to Dianed.  As we were driving to the spot, we were greeted by instagram worthy scenery. Lush green mountain side alongside azure waters and winding roads, it felt like we were on a scene from a surf movie with matching boards on rack. We arrived in Dianed at around 12 noon and it was just mesmerizing. White sand, crystal clear waters and a small shanty that used a tree as the roof, the waves were small (1-1.5 ft) and I honestly wasn’t disappointed too much because of how beautiful the place is. The locals said that the waves will be good as soon as the tide builds up, so we prepped lunch and grabbed some shut eye.



After a few hours I was awakened by the sound of crashing waves and excited chatter by the locals since the waves were already pumping, we paddled out over some rock and sea plants (it was so clear that I can see 10-12 ft through the water). The spot was a left point break that reached out for 20 meters till you have to bail out before hitting the bed of seaweeds. We surfed for about 2 hours till we decided to go back to Baler to catch some more waves and at this point I was already surfed out.


View from our Shanty


On our way back to Baler, one cannot help to look back and be thankful for the week that has passed and realize how blessed he is to travel, experience things with the person he loves, and to share it with kindred spirits. If there is one thing that I would like to impart to you with my experiences on this trip, it will be “Risk it for the biscuit”. It doesn’t matter if you are a trekker, weekend warrior, lifestyle traveler or a food traveler. We as travelers are required to be open to change and adapt to the situation, yes we might have an itinerary/plan in place but that is just a guide and we have to constantly take risks to make the most out of our trips. So I urge you on your next trip wherever it may be, to consider the risks and be open to strange and exciting new things, you’ll never know you might just know how the feeling is of “Living the Search”.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and tell us what you think!  🙂





Travel: Summer Time Madness-Baler

18 thoughts on “Travel: Summer Time Madness-Baler

  1. I loved Baler but we went there in January with my former officemates years ago and it was freezing cold.

    Your ending statement is really nice and I totally agree. It’s okay to have a plan but there’s nothing wrong with doing other things or adjusting the activities during the trip itself. It’s actually more fun that way.


    1. The Ber-months till mid febuary can get a little bit cold sometimes, I recommend bringing jackets and full sleeved rash-guard to keep your body toasty.

      I think the best trips happen when you don’t plan them! HAHAHA


  2. OMG! I miss surfing! I have yet to go to Baler. I have been to San Fernando, La Union three times in my life though! Maybe when my friends are game, I will try to go as well! Last time I went surfing, I lost my piercings in the beach! Hahaha!


  3. I love that you and Em are finding home in Baler! I’ve stayed there a few years back and definitely loved it. Enjoy every moment of it because sooner or later, you will find yourself in Siargao — and you’ll never want to leave. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences! I look forward to reading more of your adventures in Baler. Xx


  4. I will consider going to Baler when my friends want to go somewhere for surfing! I’ve only been to La Union! Keep enjoying the chill, good life and keep exploring!


    1. Hello Wandercez. Baler is like a second home to us, we’ve been to almost all the tourists spots already but we always find new places to enjoy in/around Baler which makes traveling all the more exciting.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Baler is one of the places in the Philippines that I want to visit as I’m interested with how it all started, although I’ve learned on TV how it all began but surely, I want to meet those who are those Filipinos that made this known to all, coz for sure it all started from them. This is a good read as you really share every details on what’s in Baler.


  6. inmyownatlas says:

    Wow! You are a detailed writer. I haven’t been to Baler. I wish to learn how to surf there. I have been to Siargao and it’s a reef break so probably surfing in Baler is easier and less scary. Please correct me if I am wrong. Many thanks ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Yeah surfing in baler can be less scary because its a beach break, but there is a spot there called cobra reef and its pretty known for it’s world class waves with gnarly corals. You should try Baler soon!

      I so want to visit Siargao 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I just went back from last weekend surfing in La Union and it was soo awesome. That’s my first time and looking forward to try it next time in Baler! Can’t wait to see that place to try surfing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, La Union has been my first love and Baler is John’s. But we both agreed that Baler is our home. Maybe you should come join us sometime! We’re pretty much always in Baler! 🙂


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