Travel: Why I May Never Go Back


I asked John if we could go to the beach after not traveling for almost two months. I wanted a relaxing weekend, just lounging at the beach and chilling. It was almost the weekend and we have yet to plan our trip. We had a couple of places in mind but nothing was set. I asked, “Puerto Galera?”, John agreed. Friday came and we found out that our officemates were going there too, not knowing anything about Galera, we decided to tag along. 

Bus from Kamuning to Batangas Port. Boat ride to the island. But no, since it’s summer, we failed to consider that. We waited two hours in the bus station, the trip itself only took two and a half hours, booked a boat trip for the 3:30 trip, boarded the boat at 5. I was trying my really best not get pissed off at how everything was not going well and how we wasted one day just to get to the destination. 

We arrived in Galera 45 minutes past six, we were ‘welcomed’ by these locals who were charging for environmental fee. Took a tryc cause we wanted to avoid all the people and went to the first room our officemate booked, he said that it wasn’t the room he paid for, but decided to take it anyway since it’s just for one night and everyone’s just too exhausted. Had dinner by the beach, along with seven hundred million tourists (JK), dinner was a tad expensive, but the entertainment was great. The following day, Sunday we decided to go island hopping. The price was sort of reasonable, but then you have to board a smaller boat to get to the corals – which they charged us separately. If you’re a broke traveler like us, Galera isn’t a place for you, or we have just not explored that option. I saw a turtle while snorkeling and that I think was the highlight of my trip, hahaha! 

All in all, I had fun. It was far from what I wanted that weekend but Puerto Galera didn’t offer that. Maybe because we stayed in White Beach where it’s the tourist capital. Puerto Galera was beautiful, but the flock of people just makes me feel like it isn’t worth it. Maybe it’s just me. And maybe it’s too soon for me to tell. To be honest, I don’t hate Puerto Galera, I mean, if given another chance and a better situation, I would definitely go back. Maybe when it’s off season or something. 


Note: Bring cash since the island only has two ATMs. Puerto Galera truly is a tourist destination, almost all activities will cost you. Prices for food / water has tourist prices, be prepared. 


Travel: Why I May Never Go Back

Travel: Badoc Island

Badoc Island is an uninhabited island found in Badoc, Ilocos Norte. It’s accessible by boat that can carry 5-6 people, for only Php700.

To be honest, I have no words to describe its beauty. It’s a breathe of fresh air since you get the beach to yourselves, there may be a group or two that’s visiting the island the same time as you are, but it’s a long stretch of beach, so there’s room for everyone.

I’m still at awe at how marvelous this beach is. We laid our stuff under a hut that I think some fishermen built for when they’re waiting for the tourists since what you paid for is to and fro the ‘mainland’. We were running to the beach, when my friend Sarah blurted out, “Who needs Boracay when we have this!”.

The guys had a couple of beer, shared it with the bangkeros and just really relaxed since it’s been a really long drive from Manila.

The boat that got us to the island. Check out the main land in the background!
The gang!

IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3238 IMG_3240 IMG_3265 IMG_3249 IMG_3273


  • It isn’t forbidden to bring food/drinks with you when you go to the island, just make sure to clean up after yourself.
  • Ask the bangkeros if the fishermen are in the area, they might hook you up with affordable and freshly caught fish and squid.
Travel: Badoc Island

Food: Ryu Ramen & Curry

And because it’s been a while since we’ve been out in the city, just us two. And because my supposed dinner with my highschool friends got canceled, we just decided to go out on a date – just us two – after church. I don’t know if I should share this here tho, but yesterday at church, something different happened. Good different, definitely.

We attended service at Katipunan, we were supposed to have dinner at Casa Verde but daaaaaamn, the queue is way too long! The weather was really chilly + rainy last night, I thought it was a good idea to have ramen. We both haven’t tried Ryu Ramen & Curry so we decided to give it a go!

Can’t decide?


Chicken and Shrimp Gyoza (Pan Fried – Php 130)
J ordered Tantanmen (Php 310).
And I ordered Little Ryu Ramen (Php 270)

All in all, everything was good, especially for the price. Tho, I realized after last night’s meal that I can’t really finish a bowl of ramen on my own, and I should’ve gotten curry instead cause the Tantanamen Ramen tasted really good, albeit too spicy for my liking. After dinner, we decided to head to Cafe Shibuya for dessert and coffee, I really wanted to try their Molten Cakes as I haven’t found anything that’s at par with Pepper Lunch‘s.

J on a food coma. Hahahaha!
J waiting intently for our Original Shibuya Blend French press (Php 95) to be ready. Hahahaha! #cutie
Original dark chocolate molten chocolate (Php 165).

Eh, I don’t know how I feel about the molten cake since it was kind of dry for me, I prefer a very moist and oozing molten cake as opposed to this which is a tad dry and a little gooey. Anywayyy, I hope you enjoyed this entry. And I will talk to you guys soon~ 🙂 -M

Food: Ryu Ramen & Curry